Bay Point Dr Public Beach Access Will Be Closed Until June 2022

Just wanted to provide an update on rehabilitation of the public beach access ramp on Bay Point Drive. The contractor, East-West Construction, plans to mobilize on site and install erosion and sediment control barriers during the week beginning January 10, 2022. Shortly thereafter the ramp will be closed to the public and demolition will begin. Because of the tight site conditions, Norfolk has not been able to identify a safe route to the beach for the public through the construction site, so a small sign at the access entrance will direct the public to the ramp adjacent to 4890 East Beach Drive (that’s the first available public beach access point).  To get to 4890 East Beach Drive, you’ll need to exit BBP and turn right on 30th Bay St then take a left on the last street (which is East Beach Drive) then take the first sidewalk on your right to the beach – be advised parking is extremely limited in that area. Final completion of the rehabilitation project is currently scheduled for the first week of June 2022. Norfolk will work with the contractor to find any opportunities for allowing public access to the new ramp prior to final completion. In closing, this rehab work is overdue and will enhance our community when complete. 

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